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I’ll be visiting Copperfield’s in Santa Rosa on May 17th to give a talk about Pointe Patrol. I plan to share some slides, tell a few stories, and invite the audience to ask questions as well as share their own stories about what they went through during the Tubbs Fire.

Pointe Patrol is a book that tells the story about what our neighborhood went through during the Tubbs Fire in October, 2017:

“On October 9, 2017, California suffered one of the most destructive fires in its history. The Tubbs Fire burned 5,643 structures and killed twenty-two people in Sonoma County. The fire department was completely overwhelmed and was so busy trying to save lives that they had to let many houses burn rather than waste resources in trying to protect them. During this chaos, nine of us snuck back into our neighborhood in the mandatory evacuation zone and formed a vigilante fire force. We called ourselves the Pointe Patrol, and saved our neighborhood, as well as an apartment complex across the street from certain destruction.This is the story of what happened at Viewpointe Circle during those two weeks in October.”

Here’s a link to the event if you’d like more information: . It’s free, but RSVPing helps the bookstore set up properly, so please let them know if you’re coming. Hope to see you there!

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