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I realize that the viewership of this blog is only two people at this point in time (me and my web designer) but I can’t resist the urge to write something here and celebrate the birth of this website! It’s been a long time coming. Had someone asked me what I wanted to do with my life when I was fifteen, I’d have answered “to be a writer” without any hesitation. But had that question been asked one year later when I was sixteen, then I’d have changed my answer and wanted to be a futures trader. That financial arc lasted twenty-five years, and took me to many interesting places, but now has curved back around and dropped me right back into the spot where I was when I was a teenager. It’s strange how life works sometimes. Had someone told me I was going to write novels a year ago, I’d have thought they were joking. It took a fire and a market crash to get me here, and I didn’t see either of those things coming at the time. But if I take a moment to pause and look around, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t delighted in how things finally turned out.

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