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Earlier this year, the audio rights to Killing Adam and The Earthling’s Brother were acquired, and I’ve been waiting patiently for the production process to complete. Just yesterday, I was checking out the Amazon pages for these two books (authors are totally OCD with this stuff, didn’t you know?), and I saw that there’s now a placeholder for the audiobook version of The Earthling’s Brother! It’s due to be released Jan 7!

I haven’t heard anything yet, and am super excited to check out the final version. It’s being narrated by Jeff Harding, the same voice actor who read a bunch of the Jack Reacher audiobooks. He’s super talented, especially when it comes to characters that need a bit of a gritty edge. I’m not sure how he’ll do with someone like Maria, but I know he’s going to just crush it with the bad guys, especially someone like John Sanders. I’m also *very* curious how he’s going to read lines for someone who only ever speaks in alien sign language or direct-to-mind communications, which, for those who know, forms the basis of the dialog for a number of important characters, in particular a certain purple critter who plays a huge role in this story.

Anyway, I got excited enough when I saw the audiobook pop up that I felt like I had to make a post, and so here we are…! Looking forward to the release early next year.

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